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Two new themes, Text & button Overlays in Pages, Mailchimp integration, Twitter cards, Two new Homepage templates and the all so important shopping dates...

...We've been busy bees recently and excited to announce all this and a lot more soon - Read on


Two new themes -
Sidekick & Sidekick Midnight

eCommerce web builder theme

Theme: Sidekick

Theme: Sidekick Midnight

Theme features:

  • Explicit side navigation (Make your prime navigation your collections or your main menu)
  • Total control on your grid layout (make images with sharp or round edges) Grid square or round edges
  • Grid loading effects - decide how your images will appear while scrolling down your site
  • Note to seller box at checkout 
  • Allow fixed product name or for a minimalist look show just the price
  • Play freely with your grid aspect ratio and layouts to make your images look great no matter their size 
  • Full control on your banners height both on the home page and in your collection pages Sale and sold out stickers included
  • Elegant site frame outline fully customisable
  • Seamless Mailchimp integration (available to all new themes)




New in Pages -
Add text & button overlays to images and videos.



Image block overlaid with text & opacitated background colour

Video block overlaid with button

Credits: Catherine Orchard

No overlay applied

Button & Text

Video block overlaid with button & text

Credits: Catherine Orchard


Fancy updating your Homepage? -
We have created two new Hompepage templates that you can use by simply adding your images and text or you can customise them further to get the look you want.

eCommerce home page template 1

Home page template 1

eCommerce home page template 2

Home page template 2


Mailchimp Integration -
No more copy & paste. Newsletter sign ups and customer emails at the checkout added directly to your Mailchimp list

Mailchimp Mailing List Integration

A mailing list is a great way to communicate and keep in contact with your audience, potential buyers and fans. Building your mailing list on SupaDupa has never been easier. You can now connect your Mailchimp account to your SupaDupa account in as little as 3 simple clicks.

Once connected, new subscribers on your SupaDupa website are automatically added to your nominated Mailchimp list seamlessly without your visitors or customers leaving your website.

Connect your MailChimp account via Marketing > You On The Web​


Twitter Cards available in all stores -
Twitter Cards let you take your tweets beyond basic text adding visual interest through images, product info, videos, etc. 

Twitter Cards

With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. We have added a few lines of HTML to your webpages so that users who Tweet links to your content will now have a “Card” added t0 the Tweet that's visible to all of their followers. Twitter Cards let you take your tweets beyond basic text adding visual interest through images, product info, videos, etc. 


For Twitter Cards to work you must first add your Twitter handle to Marketing > You on the web section of your backoffice.

You can also validate out your URLs by clicking the button below

For Twitter Cards to work you must first add your Twitter handle to:
Marketing > You On The Web section of your Backoffice.







26th November

A holiday about gratitude and about family. Celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year in the USA.

27th November
Black Friday
Beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US following Thanksgiving Day

30th November
Cyber Monday
Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, aimed to persuade people to shop online.


5th December
Small Business Saturday
An American and UK shopping holiday that encourage consumers to shop local and support small independent businesses. #smallbusinesssaturday


14th December
Green Monday
Usually the second Monday of December. The Monday with at least 10 days prior to Christmas.Major retailers start their sales online at midnight.


18th December
Free Shipping Day
A one-day event whose purpose is to offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery on online orders in the run up to Christmas.


24th December
Christmas Eve


25th December
Christmas Day


26th December
Boxing Day
Originally when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses and employers. It’s the time when shops have sales often with huge price reductions.


31st December
New Year’s Eve
Celebrated to mark the beginning of the new year.


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