Instagram shop integration

$230 USD

Instagram shop integration

Ever wanted to let your followers SHOP YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED?
Every image. Shoppable
Let your Instagram followers shop what they see. Convert more followers into customers as each image in your feed becomes a shoppable link.
Create lookbooks based on your Instagram images that are instantly shoppable.
Multiple shoppable links can be added to every image.
Your shoppable feed automatically updates itself with fresh content using your latest posts. Your shop always stays updated.

Never miss a sale:
Stay up to date with your best performing Instagram images. See which ones grab most of your follower attention and converts their interest into sales.

We will create the perfect Instagram shop landing page using on brand typography, video banners and banner imagery for headers if available.

Once your Insta shop page is in place you'll be able to link your IG profile link to the same page showing your shoppable links on your own domain (therefore maximising your customer's experience and sales flow = better conversions)