Made to Measure

Brand leaders are finding themselves increasingly being busied trying to keep up with the competitive landscape they operate it. From understanding the online social landscape, to SEO, to email marketing, to managing their customers expectations and creating next season’s product - it can all be a little too much for a small team to handle. To help in their cause we’ve launched a new service that takes advantage of our intimate understanding of how online works and make it applicable to distinct market verticals such as fashion for which we have accumulated many years of progressive specialist insight. 

This Made to Measure service provides web customisation, design and search strategies to select customers only. Deviating from the way agency work is commissioned on retainers, Made to Measure provides an affordable on demand fee structure that’s based on discrete tasks selected by brand stakeholders in timely response to their needs. From ‘popular’ mini projects to achieve the brand aesthetic they seek to common requirements to optimise the way their website and shop functions Made to Measure can be a good fit for brands focused on delivering uncluttered customer experiences. If you have something in mind please pick up the phone and talk to us.

How this thing works

Rather than spend the time reading long proposals and adding up complicated estimates we’ve likened the process of getting your web design booked to that of choosing what to eat from an à la carte menu at a restaurant:
  1. Start by identifying what you wish to book in with us.

  2. Make a shopping list out of your selection and prioritise the tasks you want to see completed first - we can help with this process if required.

  3. Most mini projects are completed within 5 - 8 days. If there’s a need to expedite your project you may choose the ‘Rushed delivery’ option. This will get things done "prontissimo". (Prontissimo as in the pseudo-Latin 1 - 3 days. Not as in ‘Back to the Future’, time warped "I need it like yesterday").

  4. You'll be asked to provide us with an email address and phone number we can reach you on.

  5. Shortly after we receive your order we will reach out to you to gather your thoughts about what you’ve chosen to get done. This is normally an informal chat (over Skype, please be dressed) that allows us to take notes and get to know you and your brand better. We’ll make suggestions based on our experience of your vertical and together we will arrive at a strategic direction to take with artwork, SEO targets or creative directions for your website. This normally requires booking out between 20mins to an 1 hour of discussion depending on the scope of your project.

  6. When required, we’ll ask you to send us various assets like photos, lifestyle shots, logos and other brand collateral that’s deemed relevant for the project. DropBox, Wetransfer or, YouSendIt are our preferred channels to share this material.

  7. We’ll get started on your project soon after our discussion (subject to availability) and set a time you can expect to hear from us with an update on the progress we’ve made.

  8. We expect to complete most projects within 5 - 8 days of receiving your booking subject to complexity and availability in our schedules. We rarely slip on the time frames we commit but alas, we aren’t infallible.

  9. On completion, the project will be handed over to you with the usual fanfare of orchestrated jubilation. Where possible, as with say banners or web design requiring special pages, the work will be handed over in a way that also enables you to further edit it at a later date. Handy!

  10. In many cases, working together like this proffers a danger of kindling a beautiful relationship; we don’t expect fan mail. But, if you’re feeling supportive you could always surprise us with a review, the mere gesture of which probably means more to us than you’ll ever know.


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