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"Finally, a store builder that makes it insanely easy to create an online shop, fully customise it
& promote your business to sell online"

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It's like having a roomful of designers, a sales department and an export team working for you around the clock
Adding your products, customising your store and shipping your customer's orders to international
destinations around the world is made deliberately simple with SupaDupa.

Designed for simplicity.
It's easy to start adding products to your free online store.

Products come in multiple sizes, different finishes, materials, formats, pack sizes, weights & colours. Your product editor is a super-simple, intuitive tool that allows you to easily create any variation, give it its own price point, SKU and stock level. Your products are Search Engine Optimised without you having to know anything about SEO, and your predictive store search will ensure that both Google and your customers find you anywhere on the web.

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Your pieces deserve to take centre stage.

SupaDupa lets you upload high resolution product shots that get automatically resized into different versions for you. So whenever customers turn up at your store, your products are ready to pop out and looking their best for the show.

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Your products.
Your work.
Your brand.
Your shopping cart is made to matter.

You are part of a new breed of online entrepreneur. Style conscious, detail obsessed, time pressed über creative - your hopes, dreams and battles is what SupaDupa is about. From fashion to furniture, fine art to fine cuisine, letterpress prints to printable jewellery. Fair mined gold, to vinyl and hand dyed hides. Your ideas are our guesswork but making them happen isn't.

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Make a big impression on customers with a shopping cart built to impress.

Picture your perfect store. Then make it happen with easy to use visual tools such as store themes. Choose from 45+ ready-made, beautiful, fashion forward store themes that you can be applied to your store at a click of a button. Your products take centre stage in every theme. There's nothing to install and previewing a design with your own products is instantaneous. Once you've chosen your base design you can continue to customize it to get the look you want using your own colours, an extensive selection of custom typefaces, your own logos and animated banners.

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Powerful creative tools that help you get the look you want!

Everything you see or click on in your store can be customized to achieve the exact look you've imagined for your brand. Once you've chosen your store's design theme, you'll be able to customize it to fit in with the master vision you have for your online business. You don't have to be a designer to be able to change colours and fonts. Everything you see is point-n-click simple. Choose from over 120 typefaces, change font sizes, line spacing and alignment without ever having to see a line of code.

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Make your store a destination
with your very own domain name.

SupaDupa starts you off with a temporary URL but as soon as you're ready
you can give your store it's own custom domain name.

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Welcome to the world wide design studio.
eCommerce with a creative touch.

If you're hiring a designer to customise your store SupaDupa is a powerful web app that lets you and your designer create, edit, and visualise new designs right from a browser even if they’re on the other side of the world. Your designer will love using SupaDupa's liquid based templates that allow them to tailor your store to your specific needs. Version control and draft prototypes also mean that you don't have to go live with a new design until it's perfect... and best of all, your existing store just keeps running without interruption.

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Advanced business tools. Everything you need to launch and run your own online store.

When it comes to running your online business, the time you can spend creating compelling products and appealing to new customers is everything. That's why SupaDupa makes it easy for you to ship and track your orders, keep an eye on your sales, stay socially connected, manage your stock and special promotions. It means you're in control and leaves you with more time to concentrate on expanding your customer base. The effect is huge, but the effort isn’t.

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Going pro or, simply making a fresh start on this eCommerce platform is just two clicks away.

If you're already selling online on any of these venues, SupaDupa lets you seamlessly import your products into your store without having to re-enter product details or re-upload your photos. With SupaDupa it's kinda easy to go Pro or start afresh.

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Security. Hosting. Backups. Done!

SSL data encryption (the same as online banks), unlimited cloud hosting and daily backups of your data to prevent permanent data loss are three key concerns you'll never have to worry about on the SupaDupa eCommerce platform.

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SupaDupa already powers 17,361 designer stores

A growing community of independent creatives ranging from artists, fashionistas, jewellery designers
and other entrepreneurially minded people run on SupaDupa’s über creative and simple platform. Start your store today.

Start your own online Store

SupaDupa is a simple but sophisticated store creator for
creatives wanting to set up & customise their own beautiful online shop
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