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4 Simple Tips To Boost Revenue That Won’t Break The Bank


Most people think that increasing revenue all comes down to expensive marketing tactics, but these tips for driving sales are tailor-made for online stores willing to make small changes that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re working on your first or five hundredth sale, these tips to increase conversion rates will help give your online boutique visitors the nudge they need to go from window shoppers to loyal customers. Read more

3 Top Design Tips To Increase Conversion


When you start your own online store, the design process can be a minefield. You need your site to look good but it must also be easy to navigate and generate sales.

So here are three handy tips guaranteed to boost your online store's conversions.. Read more

The Importance Of Safe Landings During The Festive Season


As you create or build your online store, it’s important to consider how visitors will arrive there – and it’s mainly all about their landing. Landings are especially important around the busy festive season, and we're not talking about a jolly fat man in a red coat landing safely on your roof!

So let's explore why creating the right landing page can make everyone a winner this Christmas... Read more

Call To… Action! Why You Should Use Video To Increase eCommerce Sales


If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video can convey a million.

Video content is becoming increasingly common place on eCommerce websites, and if you're not using video to promote your products then it's about time you got on board with this rapidly growing trend.

Let explore 6 reasons why using video can get you closer to building a successful online business.Read more

Get Your Online Store Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mayhem!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest online shopping days of the year -- is your store ready?

In the run-up to the holidays, there are no shopping days that will help your online shop increase sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shopping on Black Friday is now a global habit, but originally it is an American term for the Friday after Thanksgiving (the third Friday in November). High street stores typically slash prices and offer a limited number of items at a shockingly discounted price -- think huge, flat-screen televisions for $100. However, those items usually sell out before doors even open, with queues a mile long to get at the best deals. Consumers, getting wise to this, are increasingly turning to online shopping, where you can usually get the same deep discounts without all the pushing and shoving.

In fact, online sales are expected to increase 28% this Black Friday compared to last year, making it the fastest-growing online shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday, the e-commerce answer to Black Friday, will grow by 15% but still pulls in the most money for online retailers at a whopping £1.6 billion.

So how can small online boutiques take advantage of the holiday shopping mayhem in order to increase sales, attract new customers, and drive more traffic to their storefronts? Read more

Bring Out The Tinsel And Get Your Online Store Ready For The Holiday Season!


The holiday season is just around the corner and with Christmas vast approaching, you’ve still got plenty of time to get your online store ready for the busiest time of the year.

Let’s get started with tips to get you and your store prepared for the festive season and end 2014 as the best year yet! Read more

Should Your Online Store Offer Free Shipping?


According to a recent survey, free shipping is the number one factor that determines whether a shopper makes it through your checkout process. Astonishingly, 93% of shoppers say shipping is the biggest source of encouragement to buy more online!

It's not all about discount though - here are some top tips you can use to offer free shipping without breaking the bank! Read more

The Power Of Social Media


If you want to start an online store, a critical factor in its success will be devising a strong marketing strategy to get – and retain – consumer interest. The immediacy and high engagement levels of social media offer ecommerce sites the perfect platform to drive their businesses forward. Read more

10 Sure Wins To Make Your First Online Sale


Making your first ever online sale is a turning point in every new ecommerce entrepreneur’s life. If you haven’t achieved this milestone yet, don’t get discouraged!

Think of the time and effort you went through photographing your products beautifully, sifting through shop themes for just the right look, and putting up your inventory. Now imagine closing due to lack of sales, without ever giving your store a chance! Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are 10 simple tips to consider to make your very first sale, and put you on the road to further success.Read more

The Secret Of Turning Shoppers Into Buyers


Let’s face it: owning your online business promises the dream of doing what you love and selling to customers that love your products. Full-time.

!! But it’s easy for your business to get lost in the tabs of window shoppers’ internet browsers isn't it?!

So let’s discuss the 5 easiest ways to turn shoppers into buyers and get you closer to your dreams of building your online empire. Read more

Think 'Organic' When It Comes To Marketing Your Online Store


After making a significant leap into e-commerce by deciding to sell online, one of the biggest concerns for internet-based companies revolves around the most effective methods for marketing. While traditional forms of advertising such as Facebook and Google Adwords will always have the potential to bring fast results, they can also be expensive when you are competing with other similar businesses that have an extensive marketing budget - this is where it can pay dividends to choose a method that is a little more ‘organic.’ In terms of online marketing, organic activity can be described as anything that aims to drive customers naturally to your page, as opposed to paying for ‘forced’ clicks and visits. Read more

Build And Execute A Social Marketing Game Plan To Grow Your Online Sales


Whether you consider yourself a pro at social media marketing or the mere thought of it makes you break out into a cold sweat, you can always improve your social media strategy by creating a social networking plan of attack and sticking to it.

There’s a reason why social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are worth billions of pounds besides the entertainment they provide: the millions of people looking at their screens, sharing and retweeting what they find interesting, are all customers of one brand or another. And they’re potential customers for your brand, if you have the right plan to grow your sales through targeted social media marketing. Whether you love or hate social media, formulating a strategy and growing your customer base using social platforms is a fact of life for ecommerce businesses. There’s nothing for it but to take the time, get stuck in, and embrace the dark side. But how does one even begin? Read more

Is Google+ A Ghost Town? 5 Reasons To Use Google+ To Boost Online Sales


The very mention of Google+ among internet denizens is guaranteed to get at least one skeptical ‘nobody’s using it’ comment. However, the numbers just don’t add up: with 300 million active users and a ranking among the top 5 social platforms in existence, online marketing strategists can’t afford to write off Google+ as a social media ‘ghost town.’

In today’s increasingly, connected social world, it doesn’t make sense for online boutiques to forfeit the traffic and brand engagement of a top social media network, especially when that network has the power of Google behind it. Here, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why Google+ is an undeniable marketing resource to grow your business, and some tips to help you plan your Google+ strategy and implement it effectively. Read more

How To Write Meta Descriptions That Sell


So you’ve started an online store and put a lot of work into improving your search engine rankings. You might well have been quite successful in doing so, but your click-through rates just aren’t as high as you’d like them to be. If you really want to sell online, you’re going to need killer meta descriptions. Read more.

What Your Business Can Learn From The Ice Bucket Challenge


When you start you own online store, it is almost inevitable that you will end up with a dedicated Facebook page. If you haven’t noticed anyone on Facebook attempting the Ice Bucket Challenge recently, you may need to take a long hard look at your friends list! Although this social media phenomenon was originally set up to raise money for various charities, its unstoppable spread across the Internet has a number of lessons that businesses should take on board when coming up with their own Facebook creative. You should remember that Facebook is still very much a ‘two way’ medium, and there is nothing worse than a page with 95% of the content from the owner. Read more.

3 Easy Ways To Build A Mailing List Of Clients With MailChimp


A mailing list is a great and cost-effective way for many brands to distribute news and information about their business. You may be wary about 'spamming' your customers with automated sales emails, however, for those of you who want to sell online, the good news is that it doesn't have to be that way; a few carefully targeted, well-tailored emails to potential customers who have opted in to your mailing list can do the world of good for your overall web traffic and conversions. Today we're going to talk about how you can use Mailchimp to build up a mailing list for yourself, whether you're looking to create an online store, or already have an existing customer base. Read more

Lacking Visitors? How To Attract More Customers To Your Online Store


You’ve chosen your theme, selected the layout that is perfect for you, and your online store is ready to open its doors. But, no matter how much effort you’ve put into the design and content of your site, it can all go to waste without good marketing.

It takes a lot of work to create an online store, so why limit your potential customers? It’s vital to drive traffic towards your online store, so here’s a guide to help you gain, and retain a wider customer base. Read more

6 Tips To Get More Likes On Facebook

6 Tips To Get More Likes On Facebook

All ecommerce businesses are recommended to use social media to attract new customers, engage with existing ones, and build their brand, but where’s the best place to start? A Facebook business page is one of the easiest and best ways to start your consumer outreach mission, as it’s the largest social media network in existence, it drives the most consumers to ecommerce stores, and -- let’s face it -- most of us with smartphones look at our Facebook news feeds frequently throughout the day.

Building your online boutique’s presence on Facebook lets you reach customers in a personal and unobtrusive way. It can be difficult, for example, to get potential customers to trust you with their email address for your mailing list, but people are much more free with their ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ on Facebook. Let’s look at 6 key ways to boost the amount of likes on your posts, ensuring your brand appears on a growing number of Facebook users’ news feeds every day. Read more

5 Tips To Price Your Products For Your Online Store

5 Tips To Price Your Products For Your Online Store

Have you ever seen an item that you wanted to purchase, but it was priced too low? Of course, all of us want to get a bargain when we’re shopping, but when a £20 item is available online for 99p, most of us start to consider things like: what’s the catch? Is this too good to be true? Even worse, we start to think the words that can be deadly for a small business: ‘this must not be a very good product.’

The psychology of pricing goes far beyond a simple costs + profit formula. Pricing your items too high can drive people to your competition, but underpricing your goods can hurt consumer confidence in your brand. So how should you get started, if you’ve just started your own online boutique and you want to make as much money as possible without driving away customers? Read more

6 Tips To Boost Your Google Rankings

6 Tips To Boost Your Google Rankings

So you’ve decided to create an online store, and have spent countless hours looking through shop themes, making sure the colours are just right, and uploading photography that shows your products in the best light. But what good is all of this work if no one is going to see it?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through search engines. There are entire industries devoted to improving the Google rankings of ecommerce websites, but the truth is that there are many things small business owners can do to raise their Google rankings in order to boost sales and ensure that their hard work is seen -- all without breaking the bank. Read more

Why Coupons Might Be Just What You're Looking For?

Why Coupons Might Be Just What You're Looking For?

Giving discounts on your products can be difficult for struggling new business owners, especially if the products are handmade with love or difficult to procure. It’s natural to always want the full, fair price for what you’ve worked so hard to produce. However, did you know that coupons are second only to word-of-mouth when it comes to influencing customers’ purchasing decisions? In fact, coupons are used by 87% of all shoppers, according to Advertising Age. That’s marketing and outreach power that can’t be ignored.

However, using coupons to attract new customers and promote your online boutique is a difficult line to walk, as too many discounts can see you giving up too much of your profits while approaching the coupon conundrum in the right way can boost your brand’s profile and product sales. Read more

Let's Party In The USA!

"Can all passengers for flight BA183 to New York, please make your way to Gate G7"- "Yay! That's us!" I screeched as I jumped for joy and began an epic moon walk towards the plane. The excitement was too much for me to control. Finally! A destination ticked off my bucket list. Read more

4 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing And Repeat Customer Business

tips why you should hit send and grow your business

In ecommerce, the impact of repeat customers on your bottom line can’t be stressed enough. Research shows that repeat shoppers, meaning customers who come back again and again, tend to spend £9.21 at their favourite shops on average. That’s 7 times higher than the average online shopper! Not only that, but online boutiques receive an average revenue of £4.26 from their returning customers -- three times more than the £1.40 they get from first-time buyers!

Of course, there are much fewer returning customers than there are first-time buyers, which means that you have to do everything in your power to nurture your existing relationships if you want to start your own online store and grow it into a successful business. One of the key ways to do this is through email marketing, as it takes your business into someplace personal: a customer’s inbox.
Read more

How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Store

the science of colour

When it comes to building your brand, there’s an endless array of important factors to consider: your homepage, your logo, your ‘About Us’ story -- the list goes on. But how much throughout have you given to the colours of your online store’s layout, and what they convey to your customers within the first 2 seconds of their visit to your homepage?

Colour is one of the most important marketing tools at an online boutique’s disposal, as nearly everything associated with an online brand is visual. Your customers can’t touch your products or ask storefront employees for help, which means that your online presence -- and the colours that you choose to define it -- need to inspire a sense of confidence in your brand.
Read more

Should You Be On Instagram? 5 Tips For Growing Your Instagram Followers

tips for growing your Instagram followers

If you have recently chosen to start your own online store, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of effort you need to put into social media in order to grow your business. However, putting in the effort now can pay off in the long run when you boost sales through a fast-growing social media network.

It’s important not to waste the often over-stretched resources of a small business, so knowing what Instagram is and how it’s used in order to decide whether it’s right for your business is a must.
Read more

The Power of Storytelling: Be The Hero You’ve Always Wanted To Be

the power of story telling

Everyone loves a good story, that’s just human nature. Because of this, a compelling business story can make the difference between building a loyal customer base and becoming just another online boutique in a sea of thousands. Talking about why you chose to start your own business engages a potential customer in a way that your products and product descriptions simply cannot. Think about it: consumers know to have their guards up when they’re being sold something, but you're ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Story’ page doesn’t seem to sell anything at all. It’s a page with pictures and stories about your life, thought processes, and the obstacles that you have overcome, so it doesn’t come off as the crucial bit of marketing that it is. Read more

4 Tips To Create A Timeless Logo For Your Online Brand

Example of a timeless logo by Velmost - a fashion based SupaDupa store.

A good logo can add value to your ecommerce store by allowing your customers to instantly identify your business and your brand. The best logos are timeless, recognisable, and convey what a business is all about without the need for lengthy explanations. Is your brand sleek and modern, or countryside quaint? Is it influenced by other cultures around the globe, or is it a classic British brand? Think of your logo as a visual representation of your brand -- a graphic signature that you would be proud to associate with your business. Read more

The Great Outdoors

As a kid,  summer holidays with my family consisted of camping; hiking in the rain through lush green fields; and toasting sugary-soft pink marshmallows on fires that we had proudly constructed ourselves. These were gloriously happy times, which may be why I'm drawn to being outdoors. Read more

6 Do's & 3 Don'ts To Generate Your Own PR & Drive Your Own Online Sales

generate your own pr for online sellers

Social media is one of the biggest ways to get your online boutique’s name out there and start drumming up business. We’ve already talked about why you need to be using Pintrest, Facebook and Twitter are a given in today’s ecommerce world, and Instagram is an invaluable tool to get people to see your products. Read more

How To Use Twitter For Your Online Business

How to use twitter for your online business

Are you using Twitter to its full potential? Twitter is a social media tool that’s fun, fast, and -- most importantly for small businesses -- free. Twitter can help you drive sales, drive web traffic to your online store, and build a loyal customer base, all without any start-up costs. And, especially in the world of ecommerce, you’ll find that more and more customers will want to engage with you through 140 characters or less, so you’ll need to sharpen your wit and dive into the conversation if you want see your online business thrive. Read more

7 Key Ingredients For A Successful eCommerce Business

7 key ingredients for a successful eCommerce business

Once you create your own online store, you have a potential to reach customers on a global level, rather than just the people that you can meet and market to locally. However, there’s much more to a successful ecommerce business than starting a website and watching the cash roll in.

Here we’ll discuss 7 essential ingredients to turning your online boutique into a thriving ecommerce business. Read more

Is Your Store's Homepage Working Hard Enough For You?

Is your store's homepage working for you - looking professional

We all do it, though our mothers told us not to: we judge books by their covers, and online shops by their homepages. From the moment your homepage starts loading, you have anywhere from 2 - 8 seconds to assure customers they’re in the right place -- otherwise, they’re off to your competitors.

Starting an online store can be a bit overwhelming, but if you’ve got a homepage that captures your audience’s attention, looks brilliant, and accurately conveys your brand, you’ve won half the battle. Read more

New On SupaDupa - Save Money On Your Postage & Skip The Trip To The Post Office. USPS eLabels have arrived!

USPS shipping labels via your store's backoffice SupaDupa

It’s always been a bit of a pain to have to buy your postage from the Post Office, drag your pile of packages there, wait in line with the general public only to then have a clerk weigh up and label each of your parcels individually, completing those Customs forms in tow… what a drag!

In our latest update to SupaDupa we’ve addressed this pain point by providing a new way for you to create shipping labels without ever leaving the comfort of your back office. We have negotiated discounted business rates for you to get you savings of up to -40% off what you would normally pay over the counter, and yes, First-Class postage is included! Read more

Security News: OpenSSL - Heartbleed Update

You've heard it on the news! - on April 7, the OpenSSL project issued a Security Advisory that detailed a serious vulnerability in the encryption software in use by an estimated 60% of the internet. This vulnerability (nicknamed "Heartbleed") would potentially allow attackers to retrieve information from encrypted SSL endpoints.

We have been able to react quickly to the alert and as of 8th April 2014 GMT SupaDupa’s authentication infrastructure is secure against Heartbleed. Read more

Spring's in the Air

Stop hibernating. Get pampering.

Try Ambre rosemary, thyme & mint bath oil. Yum! And when you can drag yourself away from your soothing soak, dry yourself off in a hand embroidered towel from the creative team at Trésor. The start of spring makes me want to look after myself in a really healthy way. It's a time for new growth, fresh scents, wheeling that dusty BMX round the skate park wearing your floral helmet from Sawako Furuno (well - not me personally - it's safer for everyone if I remain with my feet nailed to the ground), long lullaby days, bursting cherry blossom buds, ... Read more

Interview With Trikki - A Menswear Shop With A Twist

trikki how to start your own menswear fashion store image 01

trikki is a London menswear shop with a twist.

The perfect destination for those seeking something a little different.
Brother and sister duo Rikki and Nikki are on a mission to create the greatest clothing company of all time.

Curious to hear how they started? Read on...

3 Steps To Converting Pinterest Traffic Into Sales Using 'Rich Pins' Via Your Store

How to use Rich Pins to drive traffic to your online store

Rich Pins are a relatively new feature on Pinterest.
With the introduction of Rich Pins you can add extra details to your Pins to make them more useful.

Product Pins now include real time pricing, availability, and where to buy.
Pinners (among whom you'll find your customers) also get notifications when product Pins they’ve pinned drop in price making it easy for people to buy your stuff.

Read more

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

How to write product descriptions that sell

Ecommerce stores have a lot of advantages -- low overhead costs, the ability to sell 24 hours a day, the freedom to be your own boss, and many more. Unfortunately, one of the only advantages that brick and mortar stores have over online boutiques is too big to ignore: people are more likely to buy something if they can hold it in their hands.

How can we, as budding ecommerce giants, get customers to commit to a product that they’ve never seen with their own eyes? The answer lies in how you present your product, particularly in ensuring that your product descriptions sell your products rather than just describing them. While high street stores have the advantage of persuasive salespeople, the tools at our disposal are basically just the shop themes we choose, the photos we take, and -- most importantly -- our words. It pays to use them wisely...

Read more

How To Tag Your Images And Get Found On Google

How to tag your product image example Mury silk scarf

Naming your images descriptively and with the relevant key words can boost your store's image search ranking in search engines. Learn a little trick on how you should tag and save your images before uploading them into your SupaDupa online store. Read more

How To Use Pinterest For Online Sellers

How to use Pinterest for online sellers

When it comes to driving sales through social media, Pinterest is a vastly underused tool that can help you build your online store empire while having fun at the same time. Let’s face it, when your livelihood depends on online commerce, you need to have the online presence to match!

And with Pinterest, which is growing with blazing speed, your online presence can translate into increased sales faster than you’d think. In 2011, Pinterest accounted for just 1% of all revenue driven by social media. In just one year, that number shot up to 17%.

What is Pinterest?

Think of “pins” as online bookmarks, arranged into categories called Pinterest “boards,” and then made public for others to like, re-pin on their own boards, and comment on. Pinterest is basically a user’s archives for everything interesting, funny, useful, or beautiful that they’ve seen on the internet and want to remember.

Why use Pinterest?...Read more

Hot This Month on SupaDupa: Geometric Shapes

From apparel to furniture - geometric pattern is a huge trend right now. Dublin based goldsmith, Rachel Swan, winner of two future maker awards, creates 'hollow three-dimensional jewellery inspired by modern architecture & sculpture' whilst Rockman & Rockman's bespoke contemporary side tables have been featured in interior design magazines 'Wallpaper' & Italian 'Vogue'. Read more

How To Build A Unique Online Brand, Increase Sales & Differentiate Your Creative Business

How to build a unique online brand Pepsi and Coca Cola logo comparison

‘Branding’ may sound like marketing jargon that only experts use, but the truth is building a unique brand is integral for any business — no matter how big or small — and adds value to online boutiques in spades. Think about it: consumers have preferred Pepsi over Coke for decades, but can’t tell the difference in a blind taste test. That’s no accident — it’s branding!

Chances are, even if you want to create an online store that is as unique as you are, you’ve seen another store selling similar services. If you have similar prices and similar products, your brand can make all the difference in building a loyal customer base. Read more...

Making it blue-tiful


A SupaDupa palette of blue.
From car wheels to headphones, it all looks more

New feature: Upload your product photos to your store on iPad, iPhone, tablet devices & smart phones

The popularity of tablet devices is starting to blur the lines between the work you may be doing on your desktop computer and the productivity gained through your iPads, iPhones, tablets and smart phones.

Upload product photos to your store on iPad, iPhone and tablet devices


5 Tips To Product Photography That Sells


Is your product photography selling your products?

Photography plays a vital role for any e-commerce wesbsite. When shopping online customers can’t feel, touch, try or handle your products. The only way for them to interact is to look at your images that should give them an experience as close to "real life" as possible.The more attractive and well photographed your products are the more likely you are to make a sale.

We have asked Yeshen “The designer-maker community's favourite photographer" to give you 5 tips to improve your ecommerce product photography. Tip number 1...Read more...

SupaDupa Fashion that is bang on trend


Last week saw the start of London Fashion Week showcasing the A/W 2014 collections.

Right now, we're craving the start of spring, so, here's a collection of our favourite on-trend womenswear pieces from the SupaDupa community.
Spring/Summer '14 is all about...

7 Valentine's Day Tips To Boost Sales

SupaDupa-7-Valentine's Day Tips To Boost Sales-2014jpg

Love it Or Hate it. Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Is your shop all loved up? While love is in the air, here are some ideas to drive more customers to your boutique…

How To Start A Clothing Company: Interview With Alejandro Giraldo, Velmost

Velmost is a project based on the dreams that we all have but are afraid to follow.

We asked Alejandro Giraldo, illustrator, graphic designer and creator of Velmost, five questions to find out more about the creative process of his project. How did it get his company off the ground? Read more...

New currencies and payment type in orders .CSV download

We have enabled new currency support for the Turkish Lira and Russian Rubel.
If you have an ordinary PayPal account you can now sell in those currencies.

New store currency support for Turkish Lira and Russian Rubel

The Orders .CSV download has also been expand to include the payment type used for each order placed. So you can now tally up orders made using a PayPal account or your assigned Credit Card Gateway.

3 Questions To Set Your Business Apart


Happy New Year! It seems like the holidays just whizzed by and 2014 is here.

We love new beginnings and starting fresh. December is the time of year when relaxation, over-indulgence and catching up on box-sets is expected - in fact - some feel that it's obligatory. During the year, it's so easy to get caught up with the minute details of running a business that we sometimes lose focus.

January is the perfect time to re-evaluate and set new business goals.

Listed below are 3 powerful questions that will help you set your business apart. Read more...

Get Your Store Featured

SupaDupa how to start your own shop Xmas photo

6 Supa Stores. 6 Supa Gifts. 6 Supa People. 6 Supa Days.
It's the SupaDupa Secret Santa. We need your help!


How To Track Orders In Your Store?

How to set order tracking in your store

If your customers have been calling you to ask when they can expect their order to arrive you might consider adding a tracking code to their orders.

When you next dispatch an order look out for a little 'Barcode' icon located just... Read more...

SupaDupa wins Smarta Awards 2013

SupaDupa has been included in Britain's 100 best small businesses at the Smarta Awards 2013.

"The reason Smarta was won over by SupaDupa is because it draws upon cool technology to bridge the gap between tech and creativity helping business owners bring their ideas to life. The tech is so simple to use that a budding entrepreneur can create a shop in two minutes. finally something really high tech that's been made simple enough you don't need to be a coding wizard to master. Don't just take our word for it, SupaDupa's praises are being sung all over social media with over 32,000 likes on Facebook.

Get the custom look you want!

Just released SupaDupa's brand new Shop Design features.

Get the custom look you want!
Colours & Fonts are made so incredibly simple to swap and apply.
SupaDupa starts you off with a choice of beautiful, classically inspired, minimalist themes which can be applied with a single click. But, creating your own customised look could not be easier. Blow your mind with Point & Click customisations or dig up the CSS / HTML.

Need inspiration?:

Check out the store showcase page for an instant creative boost, or, flick through the demo shops.

How To Create A Wholesale Store?

Using your online store to sell wholesale

We often get asked about whether or not SupaDupa can be used to set up a wholesale store. The answer more often than not is yes, you can!

In essence, selling wholesale isn’t all that different to retail with three key differences:

  • Minimum quantity
  • Minimum order value
  • Product exclusivity

It is common for wholesalers to want to hide their shop from the general buying public so not to reveal their wholesale prices. This is why we tend to find that most wholesalers feel the need to request a long list of credentials and form filling from their prospective buyers before they are allowed into their shop which is, to most, off-putting enough to lose the sale. Read more

Help your customers find what they are looking for in your store.

New feature announcement! Predictive Shop Search for your store.

Predictive shop search for customers

We are pleased to announce a brand new shop feature to the SupaDupa über simple eCommerce platform.

Predictive Shop Search allows real time product search in your back office and now it’s ALSO available to customers in your store.

This new feature means zero guesswork for customers and gives them new ways to discover the products you sell. Read more

Amanda Li Hope is turning her passions into a sustainable business

Up close with Amanda Li Hope
London based, Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold Jewelry Designer.

As part of our “Because, Love Comes First” series, was invited to glimpse behind the scenes with Amanda Li Hope - an aspiring jewelry designer maker who juggles two jobs as an architect and jewelry designer working seven days a week in pursuit of her passion.

For more information about Amanda Li Hope please click here to visit her jewelry store.

Search your orders

If you’ve got a ton of orders and need to look through them, how do you do it?

Search orders via the orders tab

Read more

SupaDupa Facebook product sharing APP is here!

SupaDupa now offers effortless social product marketing and it’s built right into your store and your Facebook timeline has never looked so good!

SupaDupa Facebook APP

Offer customers personalised products in your store

Until now, it has been a fairly cumbersome process to offer product personalization to customers wishing to customize the items you sell. The suggested workaround to deal with the inability to take special instructions from customers has always been to ask the customer to write in with an email containing their request after they have placed the order specifying exactly what they wish to personalize. We have always regarded this as a poor alternative to anyone who is serious about running a business based on personalized goods.

Personalised products in your store

Export orders .CSV file export!

To make those boring task slightly less boring, you can now export your orders in .CSV format directly from your orders list. Useful when doing your accounts or if you have special stock keeping requirements.

Export your orders as a .CSV file

What it means to be an influencer

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertain me.

Pick Me UP: The Contemporary Graphic Art Fair

Yesterday at Pick Me UP, the Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, I came across this amazing duo: Jodie and David who saw eye to eye on robots, kittens and evil monkeys since meeting at University in Leeds.

Alt text

Alt text

Rocco Malatesta : A rare interview

We interviewed Rocco having watched how his passion turned into a global business in no fewer than a few weeks. An inspiring talent, this is one to watch!

Rocco Malatesta graphic designer

"…got me moving in the right direction… I am a happy man now living with my online shop and selling all over the world my posters. I love you guys.. and just to quote the great Woody Allen: "Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's, yes." - Rocco Read more

Rocco Malatesta graphic designer

SupaDupa at Number 10!

SupaDupa was one of 20 start-ups who was given the chance this week to give an essence of their experience as an upstart to the government. We were absolutely thrilled to be there and be able to voice our opinion on how the government could help small and medium businesses.

SupaDupa at Number 10

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